Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As you no doubt noticed, I'm going for the Blog Writing every day in January 2010.  I have a lot of things I want to write about, but what do I need to post. 

How about appreciation?  There are so many things to appreciate.  I just finished chatting with my sister, you can read about her Here, and Here, I'm five years older than she is.  Sometimes we live in different states, yet once we get back together, we're able to pick up our lives where we left off.  Do you have people like that in your life?  Time isn't a seperator, just an inconvience!  Currently, she only lives about 90 miles away. I need to go see her as she's not able, at this time, to drive down to see me.  Though she's getting there.  I've just gotten her hooked on Facebook and Farmville!  Which is good since she's not able to go out and work or travel.  This keeps her in touch with family and friends.  By nature she's a people person. If you read my recent postings concerning temperaments, she is a SanPhleg, which means she is easy going, a good parent, her kids and grandkids love her, she's unorganized, just ask her daughter about this! lol She's outgoing and loves to laugh and make others laugh.  If I want to be cheered up, I just give her or my daughter a call! I appreciate my sister very much!

Also, today is Tuesday Morning Writing day, so you might appreciate reading my story (lol), Here.

We're expecting snow here on Thursday, which I do NOT want! Fourteen inches over Christmas in Oklahoma is enough for me!  Y'all have a great day!

Wouldn't you love to be on a cruise! Warm weather, pampering and relaxing!

Mexico! Land of colors and warm weather!


Tesa said...

What a great relationship you and your sister have. That's wonderful that you can pick up where you left off and enjoy each other's company so much.

Good luck on your resolution to post every day. And I love the pictures of the cruise ship and Mexico, I needed some warmth here in chilly Cleveland.

Mighty M said...

A cruise sounds lovely!

Hannah said...

You are so lucky to have a good relationship with your sister. Right now my sister and I are estranged, but I'm hoping that "this too shall pass."

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Helen McGinn said...

I'm just about sick of snow; that is a sentence I thought I'd never utter!

I have two sisters; my twin sis lives 5 minutes away and is up here all the time, annoying the heck out of us all. ;O) I jest of course, it is lovely. We have moved to different cities but like you said, it makes no difference at all. My big sis moved to the Cayman Islands and of course with email, we kept in touch easily. She is back home now...about 20 minutes away. Who would have thought we'd all have lived so close? My mum is just up the road too!

Helen xx

sheeza said...

i am 7 years younger then my elder sister and yet we are great friends. i know having a sister is a blessing.

so keep enjoying every moment with her.

haver great time judy.