Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JUST ABOUT TODAY IN MY LIFE-Sister Susan Update and My Church is Celebrating Christmas!

All dressed up this past Sunday FBCCP

Different view

Goodness, Hope, Pray, Joy, Peace these are some of the gifts

This past Sunday, the pastor's sermon was on "What is Christmas?"  He brought up several interesting points. Did you know that the first Christmases were celebrated on January 6th and in April?  The first Christmas was  first recognized in the year 98.  The first time it was celebrated on December 25th was in AD 336 and 40 years later this date became permanent.  His scripture was taken from Matthew 2:1-12.  The four points he brought out were that (1.) Christmas is a time for Rejoicing.  You know all these years I've heard the story of the Magi, and I may have even known this, but B brought it out so that I grasped it, the Magi were Gentiles rather than Jews, and that it took them two years to find the "child" Jesus.  He was two years old when they found Him.  In Matthew 2:11 it says, "When they came into the house (not manger) they saw the young child with Mary His mother."  This is why Herod killed all the two year old male children, which he hoped would kill the future king of the Jews. The second point he made is (2) Christmas is a time for Family. Point (3) Christmas is a time for Worship and (4) Christmas is a time for Giving.  And of course, the singing of Christmas carols is always enjoyable.

I've talked before about my sister Susan.  She's the one who had stomach bypass in July 2008.  Her health deteriorated to the point we were concerned that it would ever reverse.  She ended up in a wheel chair.  I please to announce that she's walking without her walker, driving her car and finally eating "normal" food and "normal" amounts.  She's beginning to come out of her depression and behaving like the fun loving person she once was.  I'm posting pictures of her below. I am so thankful she's recovering, finally!

Susan  before surgery

Before surgery

September 2009 with her son Gary

Susan December09

She has come a long way from June 2008.  I'm going up to see her this weekend.  She sounds as though she's in better spirits! All total, she's lost 212 pounds. Her arthritis is doing so much better, though she will have to have her knees replace, but at the moment she can't deal with anymore surgeries.  I can understand that!


Agnes said...

She looks great! And walking! A miracle :-)

I didn't know any of the Christmas info you posted Judy. (blush)

Mighty M said...

Have a wonderful visit with your sister - so glad she is going better!!

Heather said...

Susan looks beautiful! That is wonderful that she is healing and getting back to healthy!

I knew that about the Magi, but I never really stopped to think about it. Why do we always see them worshiping Jesus in the manger when it wasn't until he was older that they found him?

Something for me to ponder - aka - ask my mom. :)

Have a beautiful day! Swinging by from SITS!

Mommy Attorney said...

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas lesson! And it's great to see Susan up and about!

Stephen Tremp said...

Thanks for the perspective of Christmas: family, rejoicing, worhsip, and giving. Its not meant to be a stressful time. Commercialism wrecks havoc with people during this time.

I enjoyed reading this article this morning and thought I'd pass it on:


Stephen Tremp

jenie said...

wow 200+ lbs! nice to know she's ok, and you as well ;)

leaving sunshine here with my smile! =)

Mattenylou said...

Have a fun visit with your sister... that's nice, spending time together.