Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm Going to Retire, Finally!

Esley & Frances Turner                                            Mom & Aunt Jessie

     In 2008, the year I started this blog was when I turned sixty, and I envisioned a new beginning, a turning point. I've learned that life has a way of jerking the ground out from under me. It hasn't been easy, what with surgeries, tornado damage and being car jacked, I began to question my security and even what is the point. Finally it was easier to just veg out in front of the television and sit on the couch. Of course that hasn't worked out either.
     So far this year, it's like all the bad stuff happened before I was able to begin drawing my social security, which I started doing at the beginning of this year. I turned sixty-six last October and now I'm able to continue to work while socking my social security check away. I can now earn as much as I want and still draw my check. Some people said I needed to work until I was seventy so I could draw more each month, but it made better since to draw and save, because the older I became the more likely my health would deteriorate.Now I have the beginning of a nest egg and I've decided to semi retire. 
     So, hopefully this will be a new beginning and a starting point.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Queenie being held by BayBay-Best Friends

     "The circle of life", this is a line from an Elton John song, which I think was from the movie, "The Lion King". It is such an appropriate line in regards to how time passes and suddenly the present connects with the past. 
     On Facebook in the last couple of months I have found friends from the past, even from fifty years ago. By befriending one, I saw other names and asked to be friends with them.
     The amazing insight is that even with the amount of time that has passed, it's like picking up where we left off, even better, because maybe we knew each other, in the past, but didn't really run in the same acquaintance circles, now though, we share similar life styles and interests.    

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Life Can Throw You For A Curve With It's Ups And Downs!

     I  worked for this company where the owner flew helicopters into Vietnam and rescued wounded and fighter pilots who had crashed. He was shot at, wounded and still went back. Naturally, after he was discharged he had to seek treatment for Post Traumatic Stress. After having to go back several times after he thought he was cured he asked his therapist, "How come life can't stay on a flatline, stay on an even keel? Why does it have to be up and feeling good, then drop and feel like the world is ending?" 
     The therapist's response was, "The ups and downs of life is what lets you know you're alive. If you are having flatlines, then most likely you're dead. You don't want life to be flat and always on an even keel. Then you're not living, learning and growing."
     I do understand how he feels though. You're on an even keel and suddenly a curve is in front of you. Sometimes so fast the only thing you can do is run off the road, praying that the wreck won't be too bad.
     Did you know the women in South Korea keep their last name after they're married? I'm going by what my family doctor tells me, she's South Korean, though she's become a hyphenated woman. She used both her last name and her husband's whose also is a doctor. Over the last couple of years, she's taught me a lot, one being that prevention is better than letting an illness happen. She's one of these rare doctors who spend a lot of time with me. Stress, overweight and lack of exercise are her biggest soap boxes! 
     Her biggest push is that stress can cause so many problems such as producing too much of one chemical that can cause havoc with so many parts of the body. Her favorite saying is "Get Off The Couch! You need a life." And this doesn't just mean exercise, she literally means turn off the TV, get in the car and interact with people.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Judy A. Harper 1966
(Picture Air Force sent to Mom for the home town

Me in my fatigues, 1967

     Monday, November 11, 2013 is Veterans Day. I would like to remember all of my family veterans.

The Harper (Hilley/Harris) side:
Thomas Hilley, American Revolutionary War
My Dad's mother's, Manila Hilley Harper,great great
Benjamin Josiah Harris, Civil War
20 Nov 1839-27 Nov 1862
Manila Hilley Harper's grandfather on her
Mother's side Elizabeth "Lucy" Harris Hilley
Josiah was killed in the Civil War on 27 Nov 1862
Clifford William Harper, my dad
23 Dec 1916-10 Apr 1982
He served in the Army during World War II.
He was with the Military Police in the Philippines.
Jesse Ershel Harper
My Uncle Ert
13 Jul 1929-13 Apr 2004
He served in the Army during the Korean Conflict
Served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War
16 Nov 1966-20 Jul 1969
Carl Spatz III
Air Force 1990 - Present
Air Traffic Controller
Served in Afghanistan 

The Turner(Mom's side) side:
William Hunt Turner
He was killed on his way home from the Civil War

Clinton Rufus Turner
Mother's brother who
served in the Navy, 1944

Charlie Lloyd Green
My Aunt Jessie's husband, mother's 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Goals As A Writer For The Rest Of The Year

This was sent to me by my cousin Kim..........

     In all my time wanting to be a writer I have only submitted one story, which was rejected, and that has only been recently. I was selected to be the class poet and in our 1966 yearbook, it's there forever. My English Literature project where we were studying Macbeth, was a suicide letter from Lady Macbeth. My English teacher Miss Blansit gave me an A+. She said no one had ever presented this view before and it was amazing, so could she keep it. It has been almost fifty years since this happened, so I'm sure it has long been destroyed. Miss Blansit's encouragement first pointed me to being a writer. Sometimes I feel as though I've let myself and her down.
    For some reason, November is the month chosen to write, either by NANO, or blog like crazy, supported by See Jane Write. So my goal for November is to re-edit and finish my novel and submit more
short stories! 
Me at 20 months

It was a start, to look, to see and to remember.
Now it's time remember, to print and to share.
by JAH 11/02/14

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November, Sunlight And Leaves!

Bucks Pocket, Alabama

Deck and leaves-picture by JAH

     It must be the cool air or the wind blowing the clouds away, whatever, today the sunlight is so bright and yellow. Thursday night a windy rain storm moved through my area, I even heard the wind make that whistling sound. You know, when it's found something blocking it's way, causing it to blow through a smaller area when it needs a lot of space to pass. I think this is why today is so glaringly bright. I stood at my deck
doors and looked across backyards and noticed how bright it lay on the yards, and how blue was the sky, with trees blocking and allowing what sunlight came through look like steps leading across my yard.

Picture by JAH

     Last Saturday the lawn person mowed, mulched and blew the leaves. It was a perfect yard, not a leaf in 
sight. But today after Thursday's storm, it was as though nothing had been done. The lawn was covered in
leaves. Still, it was a beautiful sight.

Summer is ending, November is beginning.
The colors are changing from reds, greens, purple and
yellows to beige's, browns, rust and yellow. Another
season to be found, oh what a beautiful sight.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are You A People Person?




     Are you a people person? What I mean by that is I could stay in my office at work all day doing accounting and never speak to a person and I would be fine. Then you have people who need to be around others. They make good salesmen, lawyers, receptionists, or just fun to be around. My sister Pam, as much as she could with her disabilities, my sister Susan and my brother Larry are like that. People are attracted to them because of their outgoing personalities. They make you feel good and usually bring laughter. 
     I love to watch my cats because they're like people. BayBay is the youngest and bounces when she runs. She will come running just to let you know she's there and that she knows you're there. She constantly wants to play. Her favorite game is to find one of her toys and then pick it up and bring it to you, making this funny meowing noise.  Once she sees me, she expects me to clap my hands and praise her for the wonderful catch! I can put her toys up before I go to bed and then by the next bedtime, she's dragged them out again, letting me know she caught them. 
     Then I have Queenie, who is a multi-colored cat that seems to be always watching, thinking.
But there are times she also needs attention. She tries some of the same antics of BayBay but it's not the same. One reason is because BayBay is consistent, while Queenie is sometimes, plus she doesn't make that cute meow. I've caught on though and make a point to stop and listen to her and pick her up and make the same praises I would with BayBay.
     People are like the cats. Some are loners who still need attention, a special phone call or card. Just to be checked on and realize someone would miss them. Then you have people who make you feel good, yet they too need praise and special phone calls.
Have you ever seen a cat smile,
They do you know, just ask me,
I've seen them, oh what a lark it is.