Thursday, January 7, 2010


Do you ever wonder why you are here on this earth?  Do you ponder over what it is or what you were to do?
I mean when you look back over your life and see the mistakes, failures and successes, what is it about?

Sometimes I think if I could write it down, maybe I would see a pattern and come up with an answer.  When I was younger, time dragged by, I kept waiting for the success, the financial security.  I worked and worked and now that I'm sixty-one, time is flying by and I am not sure I succeeded in accomplishing my mission.

Do you ever ask yourself if you had a chance to go back and change events in your past, what would you change?

I think I would have liked to have been more outgoing and social.  I was very timid and studious. I loved to read and dream. Still do, come to that! What does that phrase mean, "come to that"?

I think I'm going to bed, it's getting too serious! The picture below represents what we're expecting tonight or tomorrow!



Jules said...

We are still getting snowed on!

I feel the same sometimes. I pretty much keep to myself, and my family. I am not an outgoing person at all.

oh well, I am happy. God made me this way.

Rummuser said...

Judy, I refuse to get trapped in the optimism of the past. Thoughts do come up now and then about 'what if'? Since I know that it is useless, I simple shift gears and go off somewhere else in my musings. I have learnt to accept my past.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm a nice guy, I would have worked harder on relationships. And I never would have smoked when I was younger. But all in all I'm pretty happy with my accomplishmnets and God willing will have more breakthroughs.

Stephen Tremp

Judy Harper said...

Jules-I know what you mean! I can be outgoing once I know the people or if my job calls for it, but I'm an introvert my tempeament. I like people, but I also like being alone.

Ramana-I knew you would have wise advice. Yes, "what if's" can be a trap and moral bummer!

Stephen-From your pictures, you're always having a good time. I never smoked, I wish I had started and stayed with an exercise program, that's my area of biggest regret!

Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

Oh, you have pegged how I am feeling right this very minute. I am about to turn 41 (shhhh, don't tell anyone!) I have one daughter who is already married, one who will graduate this spring and one who is a sophomore. Time seems to be just flying by and I sit and wonder where it all went. What have I truly accomplished? What is there left for me to do? What will I do when my two youngest are both grown and gone in a couple of years? I have had children since I was 17. I really don't remember life without kids. I have had dreams of my husband and me living our life of freedom once our kids were grown! However, now I'm too sick to do that and it doesn't look like I'm going to get any better. I feel robbed in a way. But, I know God has a plan. It's just I don't think I like it too much. :0)

Seriously, I know He will see me through and that He does have a purpose for my life. That is what keeps me going most days. That and awesome blogging friends like you who leave such inspiring messages for me like you did today. I truly appreciate it more than you know.

Oh, and we are expecting snow, too! I can't wait.

Thanks so much for being my friend. It truly means a lot to me.


Teresa <><

JENIE said...

your post got my attention, dear.

in fact with it i felt your need that i used to need. the searching, the "something is missing", "what's my purpose" or the "im not complete"...and i would like to extend a helping hand if you will allow it.

truth is, i can say that I AM AT PEACE and i am hoping to share this feeling with everyone, i wish i can. so i am trying in my posts. if you will visit my earthy me blog and click on the label " HIS words" there you will find some sharing's that will somehow reach out to you. is just on of those posts...drop by anytime, judy.

i hope you will dear friend.

Masala Chica said...

Why are we here? Well - I think about it every day, to be honest. Not just from the point of, what does God want from me, but what do I want from me? What kind of life will I have at the end of all this - my hopes, dreams, children, loves - what will it all be.

And I guess you don't really know - which is why I guess one truth is there. Even if you have regrets about what has happened in the past, there is still always time to live - and do it how you want it.

Lovely to meet you. Be safe in the snow.

Anonymous said...

Snow... I like that picture...

Dori said...

This post really resonates with me. I've been asking myself that a lot lately....what is my purpose in this life?? I don't fully know, but I guess it will come to me one day. We shall see :)

Stay warm and safe and have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lots of snow for us here in Cleveland!

I definitely look back on life and wish some parts could be different. I think everyone does. I think it makes us try to strive to be better people.