Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Sister Susan's Birthday!

Today is my sister Susan's birthday.  I'll let her tell you her age if she so desires, just suffice it to say, she's five years younger than me.  Susan is one of those people that loves to laugh.  When growing up she would light up a room with her smile and could dispel any gloom.  She's had a rough year, but is finally seeing the light of day.  She called me Wednesday to let me know she's now able to move about the house without her walker.  That has been a long time in coming.  There were four of us, I'm the oldest, then my brother, Susan and our youngest sister Pam who passed away in 2005.  I'm going to share her day with pictures, hope y'all enjoy!

Susan, age 2, Rossville, GA

Susan, age 3 Rossville, GA

Me (8), Susan (3), Larry (6), Rossville, GA

Susan, age 11

Susan, age 14, Henagar, Alabama

Susan with her twins Gary & Larry

One of my favorite pictures!

Susan and all of her group a few years back

Susan, 09/09

Did you notice her smile in all the pictures?


The sun's shining, it's not too cold and the leaves, what's left on the trees, are in their final glory!  Now all I have to do is go out there and mulch the ones on the ground! Which I feel a pressing need to do as I can hear my neighbors blower. Noisy little thing!  It definitely doesn't have the soothing sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, more like a loud gnat!

Tree in my front yard 11/14/09

I showed you this last week, well, they're back!

Also, if you get a chance, go over and check out this site Hair, Nails and Blogs .  MelRoXx created this blog for all, specifically those who have hair, nails and loves to blog.  Actually it a social networking place for girls, young women and women.  I'm impressed by what she has done.  If you haven't read her MelRoXx blog, you can check that out HERE.


gaelikaa said...

What a lovely sister you have! She's great. Wish her a happy birthday from me.

Thanks for joining Mel's community. See you there!

NoExpertsNeeded said...

Since yesterday was my birthday, I'm celebrating all others' as well!

So allow me to send YOU a gift (and you can share it with your sister.) It's the link for a FREE cover-to-cover read of my book. Just sign up here:

It's simply my way of giving back.

take care,
Louise Lewis, author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!
no experts needed dot com

Grannymar said...

Eventually I found a moment to return and wish Susan a belated happy birthday from me. I think at our ages we deserve to celebrate for at least a week. ;)

Dori said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Susan! Love all of the photos :)

Judy Harper said...

Gaelikaa-Mel and I had an interesting chat this morning. She is neat to talk with.
Louise-Thanks and Happy Birthday also!
Grannymar-I agree, we should celebrate a whole week, if we can last that long! lol

sheeza said...

happy birth day to your sister.
and wish her from me too. as i am so last or else last one wishing her but may GOd grant her best of her health and many many more marvellous birthdays.