Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Retirement: I mowed My Yard, It Took Three Hours OR Out Of Shape!

My yard, August 2016

     Why do we let ourselves get out of shape? I know it's miserable! In the M. C Beaton books, Agatha Raisin, she's a single middle aged woman (50'ish), who has decided to retire. She does it in a big way; she moves from London to a small village, she pays a company to decorate her house with items she thinks will make her look good rather than stuff she likes (her first visitor says it looks like a showplace). She then buys exercise equipment to help her get into shape; indoor bicycle, a really fancy outdoor bike to ride around the country (she purchases a helmet, gloves, riding outfits, goggles, everything she feels will make her fit in(which really sets her apart).
     When, after a year of not doing my own yard work, I started back, in July of this year, it was rough! It was hot and humid; I only cut the lawn, none of that extra stuff, trimming bushes and weed eating (yeah like I'm going to weed eat, see It's Alive!). I had to take several breaks to cool off and drink water.  The first time it was exhausting, and this was just the front yard, it took me three hours and my yard isn't that big, see above picture.  I've improved since then, but it's still exhausting. When the weather cools off in the fall, I know a few bushes that are coming down!
     I'm also following Agatha Raisin's idea, setting up an exercise routine with my exercise (indoor) bike, it's too hot for riding outside. My sister-in-law has always been faithful about going to the gym and walking around the neighborhood; now I wish I had followed her example!
Won't be long till fall, then we'll have all those leaves, ugh!

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