Thursday, August 11, 2016

Repost from August 29, 2011

   Have you ever noticed in certain family lines, it's like they've been cloned.  At certain ages, it's hard to tell who is who.  See what I mean in the following pictures:
William P. (Arville's father) & Martha Harper (Arville's mom)

Arminda (Arville's step-mom) and William P. Harper (Arville's dad)

Arville & Manila Harper

Clifford, Arville, Bernum & Erchel Harper 
Clifford and Erschel Harper
My nephews (my brother's boys)

My other nephews
My Dad
My brother 
My grandson
Me 3 months
My daughter, JB, 3 months
Granddaughter 3-6 months

My Mom
My grandmother Manila Harper
My great niece 
My Dad's Sister

My sister

Does make you wonder doesn't it?  I bet my g-g-grandfather looked just like my Dad, Granddad Arville and G-Granddad William. I know my Mom's sister and Mother could have been twins. What about your family, anyone look like an ancestor?

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Rummuser said...

Ours is a fairly large family and there are some striking resemblances to our ancestors across the board. There are also some twins to add to the fun.