Saturday, August 13, 2016

Growing Up In Rural Alabama and Georgia: How To Plant A Garden OR Stubborn As A Mule!

Mule pulling a plow-Googles free pictures

     I remember when we first moved to the "Big Woods" at New Home Community, Georgia Daddy planted vegetable gardens. Now we didn't have a garden tiller, I don't even know if they were invented at that time. One of our neighbor's had a mule, he was a solid bay color and I can attest to the phrase of "stubborn as a mule". Daddy always tried to borrow him first thing in the morning because the more work he did before we got him, the more likely he would balk at pulling the plow, as he was tired and didn't want to do anymore.

Notice the ears! Googles Free Pictures

     Thankfully we didn't have a large garden! Now my Uncle Lloyd truck farmed. He grew strawberries and potatoes. During the summer when we visited, we tried to help with the strawberries, but I'm afraid we ate up the profit. Later on, after we moved back to Alabama, we helped gather up the potatoes to take to the potato grader shed where they were sorted, washed and boxed to be loaded on trucks that carried them to trains and to the market. You were given a basket, sack or bucket. and we went along the rows where a tractor had plowed the ripe potatoes up. You dumped them into a truck or wagon which brought them to the potato grader.It was hot and dusty work! 
     Of course, one of the fun perks of having a garden was helping pick the vegetables and fruit to can. Freezing the food wasn't popular at that time and the meat was kept in a smoke house. Electricity was hard to come buy and most of the wiring wouldn't support a freezer. Though I seem to remember Aunt Jessie having one on her back porch, at sometime, plugged into the light fixture outlet with an extension cord.  There was usually only one plug outlet to a room; talk about extension cords. I hated shelling blackeyed peas and peeling peaches. The peach fuzz made my hands itch! But I have to admit, the food was delicious in the winter time.

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