Friday, August 5, 2016

Memoirs: First Memories

Me, my brother and our dog Poochie 1952
Not for sure about cat's name, maybe Cat.

     What were the first memories you recollect? When I told Mother mine, she said I was around two and a half when that happened. Which brings to mind that a traumatic episode (not life or death, though that might work too) sometimes sets a memory.  Mom said I was on the bottle until I was two and a half (so I was a big baby, it was my new brother's fault, lol), when I broke my bottle and she told me that was going to be my last bottle; that was my memory, jumping up on a stool, hitting the bottle on the wall and it breaking. I wonder if this is why I take things so personally? Sometimes doing that wears me out!
     Where did you first live? Who were your first friends? When I sit here thinking about this, it does bring back the memories. Also, what about the different family members versions? Does your Mom's agree with your Aunt's, if not what's the difference and why? 
     Keep in mind that I'm writing down the answers to these topics as my memoirs in Word, or if you don't like the computer, you can create yourself a journal. Just set the memories down.
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Rummuser said...

It is strange that both of us have written about our histories on the same day!

Judy Harper said...

Interesting, but I set up a schedule, Monday "open", Tuesday "Retirement", Wednesday "Genealogy", Thursday "Open", Friday "Memoirs", Saturday "Growing Up In Rural Alabama & Georgia, Sunday "Day of Rest". As I said, I do like history, more along the lines of my ancestors and why they chose the life they did.