Thursday, August 4, 2016

GENEALOGY: What About DNA Testing?

Harper-DNA testing results HERE

Turner-DNA testing results HERE

     If you're serious about your genealogy research, DNA testing is a must! When I first started in 2002, I was hunting all over the place, not sure of my ancestors past my grandfather. Then I lucked up on the Turner DNA project. HERE . My cousin, who had been doing research for some time, donated a DNA sample.  The test needs to be done by a male of the line, you can do a female, but that test only tells you that you're related. Go HERE for a better explanation, Family Trees does it so much better. 
     There are over one-hundred and forty Turner's on the DNA chart, but only three of us are related. I have a cousin, when she started out, was matching us with many more Turner's because her Dad or Aunt Jessie said they thought they remember their mother had mentioned that name. So instead of looking through all one-hundred and forty Turner's, I could look for a paper trail between our three. This is why it's so important to have people do DNA testing for 37 and up. This DNA won't be given to the government and put in the system, this only has to do with the past. Through Family Tree there are many name projects. If you go HERE and look at the right side of the page where it reads PROJECT SEARCH, and type in your name, it will point you to the your name project. This simple test has enabled me to focus on my relatives, without researching and then find out I was on the wrong track. My brother sent in a sample for the Harper's. 
     By doing the test, on the Turner's side, I've gone back to 1814, but on the Harper side, I've gone back to 1740; now it's just a matter of tying us together with a paper trail. Another perk from the test is that it puts us together with our matches so we can communicate and share information, such as documents (death certificates), pictures and letters. Which means you don't have to pay $38.00 for a death certificate to find out the names of the parents. 
     DNA is well worth the cost in time and trimming the cost of documents. I hope this will encourage you to go for a DNA test on your name. 

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