Monday, August 15, 2016

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Many hummingbirds, Googles free pictures

Red Throated hummingbird Googles free pictures

     The past few summers I've had multiple hummingbirds, but not this year until this weekend. Now I have five. They have already sucked three feeders dry, and making a dent in a fourth. Usually this only happens when they're heading south for the winter. Here it is only the 15th of August. Does this mean we're going to have an early winter and a cold one?
     Do you like to keep up with the spring and fall migration of the Hummingbirds and others, like Monarch Butterflies or songbirds? Here's a link to follow for information: Hummingbirds, butterflies and songbirds

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Rummuser said...

My home has a small enclosed garden to which all kinds of birds including hummingbirds come regularly and some even nest. We also get butterflies of many kinds but I do not know how to differentiate and I think that it is now too late to get involved.