Saturday, August 20, 2016

Did You Know You Could Replace Your Laptop Keyboard OR It Almost Cost Me $400.00 Plus!

My Laptop Keyboard!
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     As you know, I'm having trouble with my keyboard. I finally called the best IT person ever! He worked on the computers and software at the company I retired from. Robert is wiry fellow, who only knows two speeds, race or sleep. He's helpful and doesn't mind teaching me a thing or two. The last time I used my laptop, that "Help menu" kept popping up, tabbed out to 30+ tabs. I couldn't continue using my laptop. I slammed the lid  closed, and I came so close to throwing it against the wall; it has been a lemon from the day I bought it and I thought I would have to buy a new one. But before I replaced it, I called Robert and he checked it out to be sure there wasn't a virus.
      I learned a few things: It wasn't a virus, but stuck keys and he could replace the keyboard frame! Lastly, never buy a computer with intel i3; that's why I received such a good deal, HP was having problems with that series and wanted to get rid of them before they announced they discontinuing making them!
     I did have to go online to order a keyboard frame, for the cost of $32.99 (this included shipping), but this definitely beat the $400.00+.  Hopefully by Tuesday, it will be fixed.


Rummuser said...

Always a good idea to consult an expert where computers are concerned. I consult my son who is my resident geek.

Arlee Bird said...

You are fortunate to have a go to computer person. I usually have to figure things out on my own (thank you internet help and YouTube how-to videos), but I'd likely save a lot of time and worry if I had a good I.T. person to give me advice. Glad you found a relatively easy solution to your problem.

Computer stuff can get so frustrating and expensive.

Arlee Bird
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