Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Golden Age Mystery Writers-Annie Haynes 1865-1929

By Judy Harper 2012

     Dean Street Press is republishing books they call from "The Golden Age Of Mystery Writers" and are being sold on Amazon. The first author I read was Annie Haynes.
     Who is Annie Haynes? Curtis Evans, author and crime fiction historian wrote a forward on the recently reprinted books of Annie Haynes. He stated that it's been eighty years since this author has been in print. Her father moved out and left Annie, her mother and brother. They had to move in with her grandmother. She was born at Lucesletshire, England. She was disabled with crippling arthritis and at some point she ended up at the family home of Henry Heather-Bigg, the father of  her friend,Ada Heather-Bigg. Henry Heather-Bigg was a pioneer in the development of orthopedic and artificial limbs. Annie Haynes didn't begin writing until her fifties.
     Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors, so when I discovered "The Golden Age" books, I jumped right in and started reading. My first book was the first book written by Annie Haynes, "The Bungalow Mystery".
     This book appeared in 1923, in the early years of the Golden Age. The plot has disguised identities with passion driven characters. Though there are "weeping and fainting ladies", it doesn't take away from the mystery and I didn't guess who committed the murder until the author gave the clue at the end, Like an Ellery Queen novel, I didn't see it coming.
     Hope you enjoy.

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