Friday, July 22, 2016

If It Isn't Broke, Why Try To Fix It?

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The disaster!!!!
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The original and Best

     On 23 April 1985 Coca -Cola tried to replace the best drink ever (my opinion) with disastrous results. It truly fit the "If it isn't broken, why try to fix it". Well that's how I feel about Microsoft replacing Windows XP ! 
     Now I'm not a computer genius like my grandson Sean or my nephew Brian, but having to use the computer at work I could maneuver around. But not with 8 or 10!!!! It's like throw out everything I knew and sit there staring at my screen! First off is that constant popping up of "Help and Support", even the Best Buy Geek squad didn't fix. Others say the F1 (help key) is stuck or sign off the service (good luck with that one). Then there's removing "My Computer", now I have to try to remember where to go to cleanup my disk and restricted sites. I finally understood to click on that file folder on my startup bar is how to find documents. I feel so confused! I'm going to try the Geek Squad one more time, for stuck keys, after all I bought a two year service.
    But to you Microsoft, here's to you winning the best "Raspberry Award" ever!!
Worst Software update EVER!!

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