Monday, July 25, 2016

About That Try To Fix It Thing!

Laptop keyboard

     Did you know that the newer laptops are manufactured so that you can't pop off a key and fix it? I wish the guy on YouTube had known this! I found out the hard way, thinking it would save me a trip to the Geek Squad, silly me. I worked for thirty minutes trying to place those little loose wire thingies back on; but they wouldn't stay, kept moving around, or as the song says "slip sliding away". Finally I called the Geek Squad guy and set up an appointment.
     The first bit of information I discovered was that the $300.00 dollars I paid for support didn't cover hardware support and supplies. I would have had to purchase that when I purchased my laptop. And the second information was, can you guess it, the warranty has run out! I'm standing there looking at the item, when I suddenly asked, "if I bought a regular keyboard and attached it by USB, would this solve the problems I was having?". His response. "Yes". So I went and picked out a $10.00 Insignia keyboard, with raised keys, like a calculator. This is the first time since I've been using the laptop that I've typed with all ten fingers, not looking; talk about speed and less, a lot less, misspelled words.

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