Thursday, July 21, 2016

Memoirs-Are They Real or Fiction

Me-5 months and 10 days

     Celebrities, famous people such as presidents do autobiographies to record their accomplishments. But what about the average person who wants to just write their memoirs, about intimate personal experience. Sometimes I wonder what I've done over the last sixty years and think I should do my memoirs, just to outline my life in my mind. Usually, a memoir needs to be written as a novel, interesting. It's more than recording the past, it's recreating. So is my life interesting enough to recreate. Some people live their lives through their children, but I've always thought I had a more interesting life, or maybe I lived a little. So Thursdays will be memoir day.

Vernell-my Mom, age 16 wedding day

     My Mom was fifteen when she met my Dad. He had just been discharged from the Army right after World War II. After school she would walk up the road, about five miles, to the corner general store. One day my Dad was driving that stretch of road and saw her; every day after that he drove by, waving, until he got up the nerve to stop and ask her for a date. This happened in 1946; they were married 7 November 1947 and I was born in October, almost a year later.

Clifford-my Dad, 1941

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