Thursday, July 28, 2016

Genealogy: Family Reunions

Harper clan 1965

Esley Turner 1952-1954

     I use to love family reunions! Good food, laughing, catching up on family. Since I've been doing the genealogy of my families, I looked forward to learning our history. 
     Now on my Dad's side, I had Aunts and cousins who wanted our history recorded as far back as we could go.  They gave me pictures, let me scan pictures, gave me names of other family members who could help me do more research from a different connection. I have a scanned picture of my gggrandpa taken before he joined the Civil War to fight .He was killed, on his way home, at Fredericksburg, VA, 1862.
Benjamin Josiah Harris 1859-60
Given to me by my cousin

     On my mother's side, it's a different story. I only had an Aunt, a cousin and his siblings and nieces. Getting information, even with a DNA test it has been like pulling teeth; nor are they interested in other family lines, except for my Aunt; my mother especially. Her interest is only in the people she knows; now this statement is only in regard to my older Aunts and Uncles. 
     I haven't gone to other family members reunions, so that is my next project. Getting in touch and sharing pictures and notes. What about your families, how do they feel about your research?
     Quick note, I discovered that people were more likely to share their pictures if I brought a scanner to their homes and scanned there. They were less likely to loan them to me. A decent scanner can be purchased for around $50.00. Some researchers even buy one of the scanners that you drag across the page or smaller and quicker ones.

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