Friday, July 29, 2016

Memoirs: Recreating Memories

Me , 1 year 8 months

     Rather than sharing my memoirs, I'm going to share what step or how I'm coming up with what to write. I just can't imagine anyone but me and my family being interested in my memoirs.
     What I'm doing is writing down what I remember at each age of my life, plus going through pictures and recording what I know about the picture, such as who the people were, what we were doing and when this happened.This week I'm continuing with how my parents met, where we lived and the occupation of my parents. I knew that my Dad had just returned from World War II, he was an MP stationed in the Philippines, but it surprised me that when he returned home, he drilled wells, water wells. It seems that in the middle 1940's, people were expanding their farming acreage, adding running water, which increased water demand. You would think in Alabama and Georgia it would be easy to dig wells; not so, there actually were shell rock and red soil that caused problems. He and the men he worked with, traveled across Alabama and Georgia digging wells.
     I have a question, are memoirs recreating my memories or is it okay to bring in what I learned in my research, such as where we lived and my Dad's occupation, memories that I don't have but that affected and shaped my life? I'm going to go with I'm recreating and they make what I'm writing interesting.
Col Mustard 2009

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