Saturday, November 1, 2014

November, Sunlight And Leaves!

Bucks Pocket, Alabama

Deck and leaves-picture by JAH

     It must be the cool air or the wind blowing the clouds away, whatever, today the sunlight is so bright and yellow. Thursday night a windy rain storm moved through my area, I even heard the wind make that whistling sound. You know, when it's found something blocking it's way, causing it to blow through a smaller area when it needs a lot of space to pass. I think this is why today is so glaringly bright. I stood at my deck
doors and looked across backyards and noticed how bright it lay on the yards, and how blue was the sky, with trees blocking and allowing what sunlight came through look like steps leading across my yard.

Picture by JAH

     Last Saturday the lawn person mowed, mulched and blew the leaves. It was a perfect yard, not a leaf in 
sight. But today after Thursday's storm, it was as though nothing had been done. The lawn was covered in
leaves. Still, it was a beautiful sight.

Summer is ending, November is beginning.
The colors are changing from reds, greens, purple and
yellows to beige's, browns, rust and yellow. Another
season to be found, oh what a beautiful sight.

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