Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Goals As A Writer For The Rest Of The Year

This was sent to me by my cousin Kim..........

     In all my time wanting to be a writer I have only submitted one story, which was rejected, and that has only been recently. I was selected to be the class poet and in our 1966 yearbook, it's there forever. My English Literature project where we were studying Macbeth, was a suicide letter from Lady Macbeth. My English teacher Miss Blansit gave me an A+. She said no one had ever presented this view before and it was amazing, so could she keep it. It has been almost fifty years since this happened, so I'm sure it has long been destroyed. Miss Blansit's encouragement first pointed me to being a writer. Sometimes I feel as though I've let myself and her down.
    For some reason, November is the month chosen to write, either by NANO, or blog like crazy, supported by See Jane Write. So my goal for November is to re-edit and finish my novel and submit more
short stories! 
Me at 20 months

It was a start, to look, to see and to remember.
Now it's time remember, to print and to share.
by JAH 11/02/14

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Arlee Bird said...

Getting rejected is some kind of project in a way--it means at least you've been doing some writing and took an action.

Keep at it! Persistence will come to something eventually.

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