Saturday, September 13, 2014

When I Hear A Train, This Is What I See.....

Larry, Susan & Judy 1954

     It is current day, when I'm sitting at my desk eating lunch. As I munch on my sandwich  I hear a train off in the distance, immediately, I'm transported to Rossville, Georgia when we lived across the street from Ceder Hill school, about 1954.
     My minds view is that of a swing hanging down from a tree limb. It must be spring, not summer as I don't feel hot. It's one of those bright crisp days with a clear powder blue sky and the air is cool. It reminds me of a day when Mother did the washing, hanging the freshly washed bedsheets on a clothesline.
     This has happened to me before, I've heard a train and again I've been transported to this same scene. I wonder why, what is the connection to hearing a train and my moment in time?
     Has this ever happened to you, a sound will bring back a past memory?


Kim Hicks said...

It has happened to me with a song, which is like a sound of a train sometimes. They don't always take me to "high school" days or other spans of time...but particular places and activities. It's not Deja Vu. Just a recall inspired by a song.

Judy Harper said...

Yeah, Kim, it actually happened, just recalling a memory, not reliving it.