Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What About Stereotyping People?

 Colonel Mustard

     Today on Huffpost Celebrity, there was an article about the young man Shain Gandee from MTV's "Buckwild", being found dead out in the woods with his uncle and another person. From reading the article, it stated that the West Virginia senator Joe Manchin had tried to get the show cancelled due to "it's ugly, inaccurate stereotyping of the people of West Virginia".
     I wonder if people think all southerners are like the people in "Buckwild", Duck Dynasty, Dallas and Malibu Country? Or even the old Beverly Hillbillies and Gone With The Wind? Surely not. 
     The South has come a long way from "uneducated,chawing tobacca and being barefoot. Well, uneducated and chawing tobacca anyway. I'm afraid I have to confess the first thing I do when I get home every evening after work is take my shoes off and breathe a sign of relief feeling the cool floor against the tired feet. But then, I know other people from all over the world who do the same thing, take off those tiresome shoes!

Desota Falls, Fort Payne, Alabama



A said...

Judy when I was 8 I thought everyone in Texas lived like the Ewings.

Judy Harper said...

That is so real! Makes the tag it's a small world understandable. Do you think people have a tendency to see the world through where they live and their knowledge of life through how they're living it?

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Welcome back to your blog!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'