Friday, March 29, 2013


     You can click on this link to find a cemetery, you will need to know the name or part of a name, state and if possible, county.

     The information about Find A Grave states that "currently contains information for over 400,000 cemeteries in over 200 different countries. Find A Grave has at least a partial listing of graves for over 250,000 of these cemeteries". Use their search form to locate a specific cemetery. If you don't know the name of the cemetery, you can also browse by US state and county, even browse non-US countries.

     Now if you become a creator of a memorial or someone transfers the maintenance to you and you're able to add information to the bio, here's how you add links that aren't father, mother or spouse:
     You will need the memorial number of the grave you're linking. Click on Edit Bio then type in (I've added a space between the < a at the beginning and end otherwise the code won't show but rather the link):
< a href="">NAME< /a>

     The XXXXXXX is where you list the memorial number and the name is where you list the memorial name.
In the name part you type in the name and you can also type-brother or grandparent or ggrandparent. Be sure to remove the space after < before and at the end <.
   Click on the link below to see how it appears on Find A Grave memorial.

     As far as getting the family links, once you type in the parents name on a child or have someone add the parents name, the child's link will automatically show up on the parents memorial.
     Remember to limit the information you add in the Bio section of living people. It's okay to list the names of the parents, but I don't think I'd add much more on those still alive.

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