Friday, April 5, 2013

Ancestry.Com and Linking Ancestors?

     I have this question that I can't come up with an answer, "Do I link ancestors on my Family Tree while I determine if they're really related"?
     I have a second cousin that began researching our family last year. She invited me to look at her tree, so I did. I immediately found that she was adding people that I knew weren't from our DNA testing and belonged to another group, no way related to us. When I pointed this out her reply was that they have members named the same as some of ours. Which was true, so I pointed her to our DNA member page so that she was able to see all 144 names from testing that our administrators have divided into groups. Each group is related. William is a popular name in my family, yet if you look in the other groups, you'll see it was a popular name all the way back to the 1500's. 
     This brings me to my original question, do you use your tree to work from, knowing others link to that tree? I bought the 2012 Family Tree Maker, but it's not as easy to use as the online tree linking. Bottom line is to ask for backup  from those you're linking with and to come back and verify the information you copied hasn't changed. Paper trails are very important. 
     I'm very excited at the moment, as I've been trying to track how some of our closest relatives moved from England/Ireland to South Carolina to Mississippi. It was in trying to prove this link that I hit on an answer. Edmund Harper came from England/Ireland to South Carolina, where he had sons/grandsons Edward Sr who for some reason moved to Mississippi, while others moved to Georgia. The chase is on!
Larry, Susan and Judy 1954
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Rechelle Owens, Author of Romantic Fiction said...

I use my ancestry tree as a placeholder for information. Although my tree is public, it my way of keeping possible ancestors in one place. Granted there may be some mistakes but they will eventually get corrected and verified by me later when I reach that point in my research. If the information can't be verified, then I will remove it.

If someone is worried about whether or not information in another tree is correct, then that person should do their own research and verify the info first before adding it to their tree.

Judy Harper said...

You know, that's the way I feel, though I had a thought, maybe post a comment on the name that I'm in the process of verifying this connection, need further research. Thanks for your comment.