Monday, April 8, 2013

Best Friends and Stuff Like That!

Kitty, Judy, Poochie and Larry 1952

     Some people find it difficult to believe that I'm a shy person and at one time stuttered when I had to say something in class, cute guys and strangers. I would turn red and stammer as well. The reason for saying this is that when I was in the tenth grade, we moved from the Big Woods of Georgia (New Home Community on the mountain above Trenton, Georgia) to Henagar, Alabama. I remember arriving for the first day of school, after finishing registering for classes. My first class was English with Miss Blansit. 
     The bell had already rung, so the halls were empty and I had to search for her room since there was no one around to ask for directions. Opening the closed door to her room, or what I thought was her room I walked into the front of the class, a class full of nothing but teenage guys and a female teacher sitting at her desk. I stopped, backed out into the hall, closed the door and looked at the number, yes, I had the right room. The teacher opened the door and said, "This is English, is that what you're looking for?" I nodded my head as she took my class assignment card. 
     This very dignified lady guided me into her class and introduced me to everyone. It seems that the first English class was for the schools varsity football players as they were in practice her last class and couldn't attend then. So I was the only girl in first period English. Talk about a dream come true! 

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