Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What is "Find A Grave"?

     I have just discovered a fantastic website, "Find A Grave".

     If you look on my blog page, you will see I have created a widget for you to use to try out to see if someone has placed a memorial for one of your family members or someone you know. Below is my Dad's memorial.

Clifford William Harper
     The memorial is the result of someone going out and taking pictures or listing names of the people who are buried there, then creating this information on "Find A Grave". When you visit, be sure to thank the person who created the memorial. Because to go out to a cemetery, walk around and list names and/or take pictures is very time consuming, then to come back and create a memorial is someone who cares.
     Should you want to become a member, you can. The first thing you should do though is read the help on Find A Grave to learn the rules on asking to transfer maintenance to you, which you can. A lot of people are happy to do this, especially if it's a close relative. Only the person who maintains or created the memorial can delete, change or add links and bio information. Anyone may add pictures or leave a note and flower for the person.
     The best way to communicate is to click on the edit tab, then click on the link "Suggest a correction or additional information" then go to the message part and write a correction or ask if they're related to this person, if not would they be interested in transferring to you the maintenance for the memorial. BE Sure to click  "Send me a copy of this email"; then at the bottom, click send email. 
     The reason you need to click "send me a copy" is to keep up with your requests so you don't keep sending requests repeatedly. When I first started, I didn't keep up with three of the ones I sent and found out that some people wait till the weekend to make changes and don't appreciate receiving multiple emails to inform them of the correction or request. It comes across pushy and they will, as they should, let you know they can't drop everything at the moment to make the correction or transfer, so wait. 
     You will note that there are additional information in the Bio section. There aren't links for this, but there is a program line you can insert to list as many grave links you want, within reason. Now I see this as an additional research tool for genealogy. So I created a lot of information. It is so helpful to finally find where family members are buried.
     Tomorrow, I'll go over how to find cemeteries and how add links in the Bio section.

Macedonia Cemetery

Haigwood Cemetery

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