Monday, March 25, 2013

Have you ever tried Napa Cabbage Leaves?

Napa Cabbage

     Have you tried or tasted Napa cabbage? I did, quite by accident and found a new favorite food. The taste is unique or what I mean is that it doesn't taste like any other food. You know the old saying, "It tastes like chicken", well it doesn't.
     I was reading on the internet about Iceberg lettuce having no flavor, calories or nutritious value try other leafy greens like Napa cabbage. So I went out and bought a head. At first I used it like lettuce on a sandwich, it was great! Then I noticed how crunchy and flavorful the leaves were. Just a note here, I did discover the bottom white of the leaves were tough and lacked flavor, so before I start pulling off leaves, and before I wash, I take the whole head and cut off two inches from the bottom, this made  the leaves perfect.
     As I stated, I noticed how crunchy, flavorful and sturdy the leaves were, so I placed a slice of turkey breast, a dab of mayo and a tomato, folded it together, lengthwise, and ate it like a sandwich. It was delicious! Since than I have continually substituted the leaves as bread, chips or crackers. Such as taking a good slice of onion, dicing it on a plate, mix with a drained can of blackeyed peas, one tablespoon of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of ketchup, and a quarter cup of finely shredded Colby/Cheddar. Take four of the leaves and spread some of the mixture on them and eat like a cracker. 
     The nutritious value of Napa is that it comes under the zero calorie foods you can eat as much as you want. Go to this link for more information Napa 

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A said...

I have to try it. I don't particularly like iceberg lettuce so I am really curious :-)