Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7, 1969-What A Day!

Jennifer & Sterling 06/09/12

Sean & Shelby 06/12/12

Dena, Sean & Shelby 06/09/12

Sean, Jennifer & Shelby
Scott, Jennifer & Julie
Julie & husband Curtis
Curtis & Julie
And now Judah will make three, Judah, Julie and Curtis

Shelby & Julie
Scott & Sean

Jennifer 6 mos (love the hair)
Jennifer 3 mos

     Forty-three years ago today, my daughter Jennifer was born. It was three-fifteen in the afternoon, Sacremento, California. I was living with my Aunt Mavis and Uncle Carl at the time.
     Through the early years, it was just the two of us with help from my Mom and Dad, my brother Larry and sister-in-law Nancy, and of course my sisters Susan and Pam, though Nancy is like one of my sisters.
     Having been a single Mom, I couldn't ask for a more beautiful and wonderful daughter.  There were hard times, but there was also wonderful times.
     I remember the rainy days when we had picnics in the livingroom. One of my fondest memories was when she was around eight years old.  She wanted a Barbie house. Having Santa put that thing together took all night! But the priceless moment was the next morning when she came rushing into the bedroom, "There is a Santa Claus, you couldn't have hid that in any of the closets!" It seems she had been looking in the closets, just in case her friends were right about there not being a Santa Claus.
    I can brag about no drugs or getting drunk. I do have to admit to unsatifactory in conduct when she was in the fifth grade.  It seems she still has that habit of talking and not listening (to the teachers of course).
     She's set her own course, and individual with her own journey.  Along the way, she's has two wonderful children Shelby and Sean, plus two fantastic step children who have grown into amazing adults, Julie and Scott.
     This past June, Sterling became part of the family. Her favorite Uncle Larry gave her away.
Jennifer & Larry

Love you more each year!


Mommy Attorney said...

So beautiful, Judy! (Both Jennifer and the post!) Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Judy Harper said...

Thanks, Mommy! It's so hard to believe that it's been 43 years! Sometimes it feels like she's still LH & AH's age! Instead, I have wonderful grandkids. Time sure does fly by.

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Maria Perry Mohan said...

Hi Judy. It's been a while. Hope you are fine. You have a lovely family.

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