Friday, August 3, 2012

Have You Ever Been On a Library Bookmobile?

Bookmobiles from the 1950's

      I have loved to read since forever! From about 1953 till 1958 we lived in Rossville, Georgia.  The two locations were within walking distance of each other. The first house was across the street from Cedar Hill School, while the last house was across from the back of the school at the top of a ninety degree angle of a hill.  It was a steep hill!
     The second house is where we lived when I discovered the Library Bookmobile.  It was the summer after I started to school. My brother and I roamed the neighborhoods, can you believe five and six year old kids doing that today? I remember wearing blue jeans and a stripped cotton pullover shirt, barefoot, with fly away hair. One day, as we roamed, we saw this huge van looking vehicle parked with people entering from the back and coming out the front side carrying books. Tentatively, we entered and what a sight. Bright lights showed off shelves of books, there were small stools placed along on each side, welcoming us to sit and look. We weren't able to check out books that first time, but had to take home forms for a parent to fill out and return. 
     A whole new world opened up from this encounter.  We'd check out books, at first, mostly with pictures.  As time went by, we learned the location schedules so that if we read our books before the bookmobile returned to the street where we checked them out, we'd walk to a new location, return the read books and check out more. 
     I loved to sit on one of the stools and read. In the background the electric van generator hummed, while the librarians talked low to other customers.  Usually I had to be by myself when I did this. 
     You know though, in my mind, the bookmobiles were huge and exhibited a lot of space, but from the pictures above, they don't seem that big. The one I most remember is like the top picture, though it was entered like the bottom picture.  

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