Saturday, August 4, 2012

Places I'd Like To Go To Solve A Murder-East Witton, Yorkshire

East Witton, Yorkshire, picture by Gordon Hatton

     Can you imagine living in a village that had been in existence since 1307? In the 19th century, the Earl of Ailesbury rebuilt the houses and gardens of East Witton according to an old estate map from 1627. It's a beautiful village, it seems quiet and a lovely place to visit and live; but have you ever looked at pictures of a place and thought, "This would be a great setting for a murder mystery"? That's how I felt when I viewed pictures of East Witton.  

East Witton Photos
This photo of East Witton is courtesy of TripAdvisor
The Blue Lion

     The first sight was The Blue Lion Pub, I mean here you are a stranger walking into the pub.  It's  crowded with the locals, who turn to look at you when you enter. Some glanced at each other, then they turned back to their drink, where you were then faced with only their backs.  It makes you wonder what they were talking about.

Stepping stones over the River Cover river
     Or how about a body was found face down in the river by the stepping stones?

The River Cover meets the Ure

     You're walking along for your early morning walk; you're walking briskly because its cool with mist rising all around. You're alone and aware how quiet and peaceful it is, taking in a breath of air and watching it become part of the mist when you let it out. All you hear are your shoes crunching, then when you arrive where the River Cover meets the Ure, you notice what looks like clothes crumpled on the shore across the water.
     Enough of the murder scenes, below are more lovely pictures of East Witton.

Track by the Moor

The Moor

Photos borrowed from Commons Wikimedia East Witton


Anonymous said...

Not sure about a murder! My mother was born in East Witton and it holds many happy memories for me.

Gillian Martin.

Judy Harper said...

Gillian-I've never been to East Witton, but I wanted to go there when I saw the pictures and read about it. The title is a way to start a series, I may have to rethink that. Thanks for your post.

Anonymous said...

Judy, I think it really is a beautiful area with the farm land, moor (Witton Fell), the river, lots of walks. stone walls and houses. I have walked for miles with just peace, quiet, sheep and purple heather for company and not seen any people. Unfortunately, the only family I have there now is an aunt by marriage and I have not been there for several years.

Best wishes.

Gillian Martin.

(I don't have a google account, therefore I appear as "anonymous")

Judy Harper said...

Do you have your own pictures of the area? Is it like the ones I posted? Have you ever written down stories of the people there? Or have any of your family members told any stories? That would be a good blog post! Getting to the people there! What's a days activity for the people, the name of the churches, the markets, etc. Maybe I could adopt East Witton, like Miss Marple and St. Mary Mead or Midsomers Murders. lol Do you have a blog that you could run a series of places to travel. Look under the archive section to Sunday Travel and check it out. If you don't have a blog, it's real easy to create one. Creating a Google account is easy too. If you want to set it up and need help, just let me know.