Sunday, July 15, 2012

The World Outside My Deck Doors-Crows and Other Things!

Skype-The Crow


Danny-The Starling

     One of my favorite activities I love to do on Saturday mornings is sit and watch the animal world outside my deck doors.  The same birds return, as do the same squirrels.
     This season, for the first time ever, I have five Crows and a Starling. The Crows started out as four and one couple had a baby.  Of course, they're the size of a cat.  You would think they'd be aggressive being so large, but they're really a timid bird around the other birds and squirrels.  A little Titmouse bird can scare them away. I haven't really done a lot of research on Crows.  I know they love to dig for worms.  It amazes me how they communicate with each other, and how they hang together.  
     Sometimes I'll find them on the next block when I'm driving home from work.  Two may be in one yard, while the others are across the street, but they're there together. 
     I remember growing up, working out in the fields, hearing the Crow sound.  Usually it came when there wasn't any other sound.  Just a hot afternoon, very little wind with the birds in the trees.  They're like people.  They're a smart bird! 
     I kept finding bread chucks in the birdbath, just didn't understand where they came from.  Then one morning I saw one of the crows land on the side of the birdbath with a huge piece of bread.  He dropped it in the water, let it sit there for a minute, then picked pieces up with his beak and eat it.  It was a smart bird to bring dried bread to the water, then let it soak long enough to become soft. I also keep a blue storage tub full of water.  The tub is twenty-four inches long and twelve to fourteen inches high.  I keep about two to three inches of water in it, at a slant, because they love to stand in the water, fill their beaks, and squirt it on their wings for a bath. 
      Have you ever watched them open sunflower seeds? Very smart bird, the crow!

 Remember the snow-cold, wet and slippery?

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