Monday, July 16, 2012

James Garner-My Teen Movie Star Crush!

James Garner 1957
James Garner as Maverick

     Yesterday, Saturday, I was watching "Support Your Local Sheriff", with James Garner, one of my favorite movies.  For some reason, it triggered a memory of when I was twelve to fourteen and living at New Home Community or the Big Woods on the mountain above Trenton, Georgia.  Our neighbors, who lived a mile away, had several children, ranging from the age of ten to eighteen. They were who we played with and shared stuff with.  This was when you tore a page out of your favorite movie magazine of your favorite movie star and taped it on the wall.  We girls had a crush on James Garner.  I can visualize the picture we had, it was almost the same pose as the top picture here, except it was in color.  He had on a red shirt, and the blackest hair! The same smile.  Isn't it strange how something triggers a memory.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

HiYa, JUDY! ~
Yeah, I really like 'Support Your Local Sheriff'. It's follow-up, 'Support Your Local Gunfighter', is good too, but not quite as good as '...Sheriff'. Nevertheless, I enjoy both movies so much that I own them on DVD.

I also liked James Garner all those years later when he was doing the TV series 'The Rockford Files'.

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Judy Harper said...

Yes, I think I liked Rockford better than Maverick!