Monday, May 7, 2012

I Hate Change OR Is It Just Getting Older?

Aunt Maune last woman on right, taken 1949-50
Uncle Burnum and Aunt Maune 1948
Aunt Maune and Uncle Bernum
Aunt Maune 2005

     The thing about my Dad's side of the family is that they loved each other and enjoyed being around each other. Spouses and all!  I remember visiting aunts and uncles for homemade ice cream or just sitting around talking. It was fun times, particularly from a child's point of view. But then hindsight is always better than foresight.  Oh to be able to go back to those times. That's the thing about growing older, the loss of those childhood gatherings.
     My dad was the oldest child in his family, then came my Uncle Burnum.  And with Uncle Burnum his wife Aunt Maune.  She turned eight-eight this past April. She's had knee problems and other health issues that place her in a scooter.   Speaking of the scooter, Aunt Maune only lives a half a block from her church where we've held the family reunion for the past couple of years.  The last one I attended, I was driving down the road when I spied her in her scooter driving down to the church.  It was funny and touching at the same time. I bet she's only four feet and a few inches tall, white haired.  Here she is sitting like she's driving a car, rolling along, by herself to the church. She is one determined person. But for all of her health issues she still enjoys life and her family. Talk about one loved person, even by those outside her immediate family.
     This past Tuesday, Aunt Maune had a stroke. She was flown from Fort Payne to UAB, I bet, under other circumstances, she would have gotten a kick out of it!  There is some speech problems and an inability to use her right side.  But thankfully, she's aware of her surroundings and the people who visit her.  When people say "I love you", she responds the same. They're moving her to a convalescent home to help; with her rehab, so hopefully, she will be able to get back to her physical self or close to it any way. There were eight siblings, with one dying at childbirth. Out of the seven and their spouses, the youngest, Aunt Nell, my Mom and Aunt Maune are still here. I know, I don't really want time to stop and stay where we are, but there are times I'd like for it to move a little slower!

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Judy, I hope she gets well soon.