Monday, April 30, 2012

Grandson, Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers!

SB getting his bird feeder ready!

SB with his new feeder!

     Bird watching long distance with my grandson SB is going great! He seems to still be into looking for birds and we share emails back and forth about the new birds, the baby Robins that flew the nest and feeding birds suet compared to regular bird food. He still likes his binoculars!
     Have you ever heard the different songs of the Hummingbird?  If you would like to hear their song, click on the following link, then scroll down to the different players, its amazing how loud the noise is that comes out of this small bird!  Hummingbird Songs!
     In the past, I've tried Suets for bird feeding and they were messy, plus the birds didn't seem to like them. I gave it another try this year and found they seem to hold together better.  I was surprised at the different birds that really like them; Mockingbirds and Woodpecker!
C&S Products CS533 11.75 oz Insect Suet Dough Bird Food
This is a picture of the Woodpecker I saw!
     The Woodpecker was so funny! I had the Suet hanging between two rails, he'd land on a rail two or three away, then hop from one rail to the other before finally ending on the Suet pack, rather than flying directly to it. It would have been so much easier!


the wild magnolia said...

a fine sharing with your grandson. he will never forget this adventure with you.

thanks for the heads up on hummingbird song...

Grandma Kc said...

This is a great idea to do with any grandchild, especially if there is physical distance between you. I'm going to suggest it to my sister! Thank you!