Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hindsight, Hardships and Overcoming The Odds!

The beautiful flowers my daughter, JB, sent 
me for Mother's Day, 2012

     I watch "Dancing With The Stars", and one of my favorite parts of the season is when they show a history of the participating stars.  Tonight was that show! 
     Through the last weeks, I see Maria Menounos, Katherine Jenkins, William Levy and Donald Driver walk out and do their dances. They laugh, have great support from their families and talk about what they do on a regular basis.  They appear confident and successful, which they are.  After seeing where they came from, I can understand why they are so competitive and want to succeed. 
     Maria Menounos' parents are immigrants from Greece. Her father did janitorial work to earn money to take care of his family.  Her family was poor but determined, her Mom and Dad encouraged her and taught her good values.  Katherine Jenkins didn't come from a wealthy family either, plus Katherine is dealing with losing what she thought was the love of her life, he ended their relationship after being engaged for a year; she was devastated. William Levy's family came from Cuba.  They lived in a small place, and sometimes went without food. Because his step-father was imprisoned as a political prisoner, he was able to come to the United States for sanctuary.  When he arrived, he couldn't speak English, his only belongings were a tank top, blue jeans and work boots. Donald Driver is from Texas. His family was homeless, they lived in a UHaul parked under a freeway.  He was in trouble with the police because he stole and dealt in selling drugs.  He did put himself through college and met his wife who turned him around, he now is a good football player.
     I listen to their stories and realize, if they can do it, so can I! Succeeding isn't about money, but determination. It isn't about having to overcome poverty or the language barrier, nor is it about the daily fight to overcome depression and insecurities. It really is about picking yourself up every day and continuing the climb, the journey of life. Not about how many times you fail or fall.  It's about focusing and not letting yourself be pulled in many directions, but keeping your eye on the path. In doing this though, the biggest challenge is to think about yourself without undermining others. Realize helping others is part of the climb.  
     The judges have continually stated that this is going to be a hard season to determine the winner, they all are so good, and I have to agree.       


Wendy Tyler Ryan said...

I'm a huge DWTS fan myself. Wouldn't miss it.

Tracy said...

You know Judy, great thoughts...yesterday I was at a school talking with kids about my book and one little girl asked what quality you need to have as a writer. I instantly thought of 'perseverance' and I proceeded to explain to her that as a writer you will be told 'NO' plenty of times and you have to continue on becuase you never know when that 'yes' will come....great thoughts you shared!