Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Going to Become a Handyman (Woman)!

Look at that sunshine!

     Being single, working, taking care of my car, yard work and housework, I had hoped God would zap a handyman into my life.  It hasn't happened, so I guess I'm going to learn how to repair, remodel and of course paint! 
     Not too far from where I work is this great hole in the wall eatery, called "The Pit".  You can eat there for breakfast and have some of the best Barbarque for lunch, that is if you don't eat their best hamburger in Birmingham.  This morning I was hungry for one of their omelets.  Now it's not just an omelet, there's milk gravy, a biscuit, grits and a hashbrown patty. Way too much for one person to eat,  so I usually share it with others.  The hashbrowns I usually give to SS,  who works with me. 
     I have been trying for the last two weeks to have SS pick me up two boards to repair my deck.  He could just place them in his truck and bring them too me. This morning I paged him to come and pick up the hashbrowns, but he never showed, so I gave them to someone else. When SS saw her eating them, he said, "What is Judy doing giving you my hashbrowns"!
      He, of course, came to my office and said the same thing, I laughingly told him that since he hadn't delivered my boards for my deck, I decided he couldn't have the hashbrowns. He immediately decided we needed to go to Lowe's and pick them up.  Of course, he had an ulterior motive, the garage working on his car was just down the street from Lowe's and if I drove him to pick up his truck, we could stop off and pick up the wood! 
     Did you know there are different levels or grades of decking wood? Today I learned that the better wood is shown first, and as you walk toward the back, it gets less expensive.  The better wood has smaller knot holes or no knot holes. You still have to be careful, though, for some of the wood still has bark on it. I needed a 5/4 by 6 by 12, which means it is 5/4" thick, 6" wide and 12 feet long. Also, Lowe's has wood separated to make choosing the right piece easier. You have a decking section, wood for shelving, for building and remodeling, and more sections than I can remember.
     Once we arrived at my house, SS pointed out that I really didn't need to replace two boards, but rather only one and part of another.  This meant I could pull up one, saw off part of the other and just use one new board. Pictures will be forthcoming! Doesn't this sound like fun!
     I'm going to say goodnight, I'm sitting here yawning my head off.
I'm going to be replacing boards in front of the periwinkle blue Lollipop chair!   


Rummuser said...

All the very best to you. I wish that I could do some handyman work around my home too, but due to my, ahem, condition, I hire one!

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