Monday, April 16, 2012

Angels in Disguise!


     You wouldn't think it would be difficult to help strangers, and it's not hard to want to help them, but in today's society the question arises, should you get involved.  If they come knocking on my door, I regretfully think "are they casing my house or will they keep their word and do a good job". It's so sad that I have to be leary of helping strangers. 
     Due to several surgeries the last couple of years, I find that keeping up with housework, yard work and doing a full time job outside the home can be overwhelming.  Which is what was happening this past weekend. I couldn't seem to accomplish anything.  About three thirty, this small black Ford truck pulls up and stops out front of my house.  A man and woman in their thirties knock on my door.  They wanted to mow my yard; and to build up their clientele, they would do it for $20.00, but it would have to be cash.  Well, I don't keep cash on me because I have a tendency to spend it and by the end of the month, I'm not sure where my cash went. But I so needed my yard cut.  It had been over a week and rain had encouraged the grass to shoot up! My quandary was, should I leave them there to cut my grass while I drove to the grocery store and picked up two items I needed, plus get the cash?
     Their personalities are such that you instantly liked both of them. They are clean cut, she is outgoing and he is quiet and polite. She is from around where I live, he is from California. I decided to take a chance, I armed the alarm and drove to the grocery store, with a dread at the back of my mind that my phone would ring to inform me my security alarm had gone off. When I arrived back home, they were there and my alarm hadn't gone off. So I breathed a sign of relief.  
     I'm glad to say, even though she can talk a mile a minute, she works hard! So did the young man, they did as good a job as someone I had to pay $50.00 to three weeks back. In addition, they're going to do some handywork I need as well. So, it worked out okay, but that's not the end of the story.
     I viewed them as angels in disguise for me, while a few minutes ago, they were knocking on my door, she was desperate, almost in tears, would it be possible for her to go ahead and borrow $17.00 of the money I intended to pay her for tomorrow's work they're going to do, so she could buy her mother's medicine that her Mom desperately needs. Okay, you're probably thinking the same thought I had. If I give it to her, will I ever see them again. Fortunately, my neighbor was out in her yard and K went over to her and scheduled a time when he could come back to cut her yard.  Now, as I said, I don't usually keep money on me, so I decided maybe the best thing to do was find out which pharmacy she wanted to use and just pay for the medicine with my credit card. In order to do this K wanted to use my phone to call her Mom for that information. On my way into the house, I had second thoughts about giving out my card number, even to CVS pharmacy.  Y'all aren't going to believe what happened, when I reached into my purse side pocket for my phone, I felt money, and when I pulled it out, there was a $20.00 bill! I don't know where it came from, as I had used my phone several times today, plus I had to use my card to pay for Sunday lunch that I took over to my Mom's. 
     It is a pleasant ending to a Sunday.  I'm still going to be careful, but I honestly feel that God had a hand in my weekend, and in S and K's! 
Photo taken by Judy Harper


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Very interesting! Sometimes strange things, very difficult to explain, do occur.

I have no doubt that God intervenes in our lives - I know He has in mine. (I also suspect that I have been visited by genuine angels in the past.)

Glad to see you back . . . again. (For how long this time?)

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Judy Harper said...

Stephen-hopefully a long time!

A said...

What a story. I sure hope it ends well. I am so glad they did a good job at such an amazing price.