Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bird Watching With A Grandson!

My grandson SB don't you just love his freckles?

     I love bird watching.  Some mornings I will sit at my kitchen table while I'm eating breakfast and watch them.  I have a bird feeder hanging so my cats can watch as well.  It's amazing how many different breeds you can see just looking out your window.  Especially in the spring when they're headed north and in the fall when they're headed south. Even though my grandson lives 750 miles away, I thought we could bird watch together. His sister and my daughter have a cell phone, so I talk to them, but he doesn't, so I thought we could send emails to each other, sharing about the birds we've seen and learn the different breeds.This would be our way of talking and communicating.
     I had this brilliant idea to buy him some binoculars and have them sent directly to him. He loves gadgets! He received them today, and I have to say, if he never uses them again, he got his money's worth! He started texting me at six o'clock sharing what he had seen, he even took photos on my daughter's cell phone and sent them to me. For two hours we have shared messages and pictures! I think I'm going to like this! 
It snows in the Midwest where he lives!
Bob the squirrel on my deck!


Tracy said...

YES, his freckles are adorable...does he like them? I'm so glad you have a way of communicating. My son loves being able to e-mail his grandparent/s and friends from back home in Ohio :)

Vicki Valenta said...

There is not much that is cuter than a freckle-faced boy. He is adorable. Binoculars are such a good idea.

A said...

He IS adorable!
I love watching birds. But as much as my cat Smokey does :-)))

Judy Harper said...

Tracy/Vicki-I don't know why I haven't thought of this before! He is so into this now. I'm receiving emails, texts and pictures. My daughter said he literally sleeps with the binoculars.
A-I remember Smokey! I don't remember seeing a picture of him lately.