Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Geneaology and the 1940 Census!

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     Have you tried to access the 1940 census? At first I thought what was all the hoopla about, I couldn't understand what to do.  Now I do know how to use it.  First of all, if possible, you need to know the state, county and township or even better the enumeration district.  If you have 1930's census and are sure that's were they were still living in 1940, you can pull the enumeration district off of it. It will be listed in the upper right hand side of the 1930 census.
     Once you have the above information, go to a site that allows you to key this in, I use Ancestry.com. There are some free sites as well. Just type in "Free 1940 census". Be careful, some say they're free when they're not.
     One of the differences between 1940 and prior years is that it's more readable, there's more information.  I discovered one of my Aunts on my Dad's side, when she was sixteen, lived with a family as their housekeeper. Every person in a house is listed, their relationship and why they're there.  I know prior years had similar information, but it wasn't always consistent. So give 1940 a try.
     If you have the state, county and township and are having a hard time finding a person. Leave the information and I'll look it up for you. You'll need to leave your email as well.  Be aware, just because they lived in Fyffe, Alabama doesn't mean I can find them. The reason being, Fyffe was listed as a township. So Fyffe isn't a census area, but as a suburb of Corinth.  So just because you Mom, Dad or relative gives you a town, doesn't mean it's registered with the census bureau.
Me in 1950
   My Dad, age 4, 1920
My Uncle Lloyd, married to my Mom's sister Jessie. He loved to 
be silly and laugh! Probably between 1945-1950


Arlee Bird said...

I need to check this site out more after April. I guess I need the nearest cross street to where my grandparents lived.

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A said...

Sounds so interesting. Of course I love the photos you posted. Today's photos don't have the same appeal somehow. I mean I love today's photos too but there's something about earlier shots that are so beautiful to me.

Judy Harper said...

Arlee Bird-If you have the Township, that would work as well.
A-Thanks! I wonder what it is about old pictures? Memories or the way it was? I know what you mean though!

Clarissa Draper said...

Super fotos! I can't believe that people can go back and search records like that. It's so cool.

A. Lynch said...

Love your photos! They will certainly add to the info in the 1940 Census.