Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today is My Daughter's Birthday!

JB, Here's my Birthday Card To You,
Happy Birthday, I love you!

3 months
The minute I saw my "strawberry", I loved you!

6 months
I loved your hair-I thought at first it would be blond.

A little girl of 5, you're growing so fast!

7 years old-I know you hated the freckles, but I loved them!

Then you were 16 with your first car! 1968 VW

21 and all grown up

Willing to try anything!

A wonderful step-mom you became!

And then Mother

And through it all, you have become my best friend! I love you!


Agnes said...

Ah, beautiful Judy.
Happy Birthday to your daughter :-)

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

J!3 ~
Dang! That was really nice.
Happy Birthday to your daughter!

(I especially liked the photo where everyone is playin' the devil trick on everyone else.) [:o)

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

Judy Harper said...


Stephen-I'll pass your wishes along!