Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday and Encountering Landmines!

Shelby and Max

In Sunday School we've been studying Charles Stanley's "Landmines In The Path Of The Believer".
This week, Day Four is titled Encountering Landmines, where Charles Stanley talks about two ways we encounter landmines. The first is by taking a route that God does not want us to travel without knowing the consequences. He goes on to say, "Many times we makes mistakes, even though we may sense God warning us to be careful and not take a wrong step, but we do it anyway, thinking that maybe we will be okay".

The second way, per Charles Stanley, we encounter landmines is by making a choice without any consideration of God. Our passion and desire to reach our own goals supersede what we know is right, despite the consequences. 

The Sunday School book then asks the question, "Which of the two ways we encounter landmines is most problematic for you?"

I think, me personally, that making a choice without considering God is how I most encounter landmines.

One of the insights I gained from this lesson concerns feelings of depression, anxiety and fear. "If I forgo praying, reading my Bible and having a quiet time with God, I won't have the spiritual tools to fight the feelings of being "Is that all there is" or "No one cares" and my worst "I don't need others". Because the truth of God's word will set me free! If I know in my heart that there is more to life, that my daughter cares, my sister cares, a friend from work cares, I will know the truth and won't be sucked into depression and fear.

Which brings to the final point of Charles Stanley's encountering landmines, "You can go to church every Sunday and still end up hitting a landmine if your life is not submitted to God. Living for Christ involves a heart commitment and not just a personal performance".

Another question brought out in this lesson and I'm not sure how to answer is "What do you believe is God's purpose for your life? Do any of you have an answer?


Journaling Woman said...

Oh, I love this and so relevant to my life right now.

No I don't know my purpose. But, my daughter told me that I was looking for one definitive purpose. She's right. I think we have as many purposes (for God) as do roles.


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

>>What do you believe is God's purpose for your life? Do any of you have an answer?

Uhm... blogging?
To dance with the stars?

(Gee, I hope it's not the latter!)

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

Judy Harper said...

Teresa-I made the comment that I didn't know what God's purpose for my life was, that I had tried many things they didn't seem to pan out to where I would have one specific purpose that people would remember when I died. Our pastor, who is also the Sunday school teacher, responded like your daughter, "There isn't just one purpose, we can be mothers or fathers, teachers or pastors and to think that there might just be one purpose aside from knowing Him and presenting Him is allowing satan to put a landmine in our path."

Stephen-of all the things I can see you doing, dancing with the stars isn't one of them! lol

Diana said...

Thanks for a great post!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

Yeah, me too! (Big time!)

~ D-FensDogg