Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not Again!

This happened in 2003

I'm sitting at my desk, at work, this morning around 10:30 am when I heard my cell phone go off in my purse. I almost didn't answer it, as it was a 1-800 number.


"Is this Mrs. Harper?"


"Mrs. Harper, everything okay?"

Getting more confused by the minute, "Yes."

"This is Monotronic's alarm system, the deck door is showing being disconnected, do we need to call the police?"

"Yes, I'm not at home"!

I grab my purse and head to my house.

When I arrive, there are no police waiting, so I pull into my driveway trying to think what to do.  I called Monotronic's to get an update, while I was doing this a police car pulled up.  He was a city policeman, when the county Sheriff's department should have been called.  He was gracious enough to go into my house and check it out.

They had kicked in my bedroom door off the deck, while the picture of the door above is from my carport door damage from 2003, the same damage happened to my bedroom door. Fortunately, they didn't take anything.  

I have lived all over the state, in all kinds of houses, deep in woods, and some with such poor security it was amazing that we weren't robbed.  Yet it takes me moving into my current house to have negative events to happen in my life.  I'm beginning to think I live in the house from hell.  

In July 2003, less than a year after I moved in, my heating and air unit went out and you know that warranty package they convince you to buy when you purchase a new home for $600, assuring you it would cover anything!  Well is doesn't, "your unit is an older unit and didn't receive regular cleaning and repair, so it's not covered, $4000.00.  Then in November 2003, a disgruntled employee kicked my door in (see picture above), stealing my televisions, Playstation and games. Let's move forward to 2005 when Katrina came through and managed to have strong enough winds to break off a tree limb the size of a small tree, causing enough damage the front part of my house had to have the roof replaced. This is the first time ever of having a tree fall on my house, even though I lived in many wooded areas before.  Next comes 2008, when the bad economy hits, now I'm making $800.00 a month less, I turned sixty and up until the day after my birthday, my health was fine.  The very day after, I'm faced with being sixty, my left knee starts really giving me a lot of pain.  So in December 2008 I have to have a total knee replacement, my finances are a mess and I'm sixty, what a way to end the year. 

It's Easter 2009, thunderstorms have been popping up all over, when suddenly a wind gusting up to 70 mph comes across the back of my house, east to west, when they normally follow the path of west to east, which causes a tree to fall across the house.
April 2009

You might think, a tree on the house is bad! But not nearly as bad as what happened to me on December 1, 2009.  It was dark and I had come home later than I usually do. There were no lights on outside in the carport or on my deck, well actually there was a security light but it was only triggered if you walked across the deck past my deck doors. I had my arms loaded with groceries and had turned to turn to lock my car doors.  A shadow moved away from the deck wall and I saw this black arm headed toward me, when the arm connected with my face, stunning me, twisting me around.  He grabbed my car keys and car stole my car.

And now today, almost a year later, another breakin. I'm angry and going through the emotion of "why me"? Why now at this stage of my life?  I know I should be grateful for having insurance, for not being hurt more than I was, the carjacker could have killed me or the trees falling on my house could have as well. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to think that way. But today, I'm tired and overwhelmed. 


Mighty M said...

Oh that is terrible. I am so sorry!! Very glad that nothing was taken, but still the intrusion is scary enough.

Jules said...

Wow, I think you are finished with this "back luck" for a while. Thank goodness you have been safe through all of this.

Agnes said...

Oh Judy what a nightmare. I am so sorry. But I am just glad you're OK -- I am so glad you're safe. Also, it's good you had an alarm, it probably made them run!

Sarah said...

Wow Judy! You have been through so much in just that short amount of time. I hope everything works out and you recover what you lost. I will keep you in my thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!
SITS sister

gaelikaa said...

Plead the blood of Jesus over your house and car. As the Father to do it in Jesus' name. And......go to Psalm 91, the protection Psalm in the Bible, in Catholic and Protestant translations the numbers come out 90 instead of 91, but make sure it is the Psalm with the line 'he who dwells in the shadow of the Most High'. Recite it every day. You'll be protected from every danger. I mean it. Praise the Lord!

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

JUDY!3 ~
He was able to kick your door in despite an engaged bolt lock?

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Judy Harper said...

M-Me too! I'm trying to figure out what I'm to learn from these intrusions! I need to learn fast as I'm kinda tired of having to live through them. I realize there are others going through worse, but it's still stressful!
Jules-After the carjacking, I thought this has got to be it! But it's a better day today!
Agnes-Thanks! The policeman felt the alarm prevented him from taking anything, he only halfheartedly opened a few chesterdrawers, they only had clothes. I don't keep any valuables at home anymore. I keep them locked up elsewhere!
gaelikaa-I'm going to do this today!
Stephen-Yes, he was able to kick the door and pop off the plate and busted the doorframe. (He was a teenage boy that's been seen around the neighborhood, what is it with these teenage boys, don't they have better things to do?) You know the lock hotels have on their room doors, well I'm adding one to this new door. The carpenter man said this would really help.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

J!3 ~
I don't know how much expense you want to go to, but you might also want to consider having all of your external doors rehung so that they swing OUT rather than in. One can't kick in a door that doesn't swing in.

Of course, a really determined punk kid can still break windows if he wants to get in badly enough, but now we're talking about having to climb through openings with clinging shards of glass. He'd have to figure that you have something he really wants that he can't get easier from someone else's house.

If only we hadn't kicked God out of our schools and the public square maybe some of these kids wouldn't be taking guns to school and kicking in doors.

Sorry about your troubles, Judy!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm so sorry to hear this! It sounds like an awful run of bad luck... hopefully that will be the end of it, but I would be concerned if I lived in an area where break-ins and things happened often.

CK said...

Wow! I CAN NOT believe all of this has happened! I am SO sorry! You were car jacked? A branch fell on your house? Dang, I'm sorry. It is fascinating that you have lived all over the country before. I hope this gets better soon!
I"ll pray for you!

Clarissa Draper said...

I've been through a home invasion before and it's really scary. I hope you're all right.

As for the comment you left on my blog, please feel free to take whatever you want from my blog.


Journaling Woman said...

Wow, scary. I'm glad you have a security system. Whew. Be careful.


Arlee Bird said...

That's scary and not good at all. Glad you're okay.