Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Just About Today In My Life-Tuesday

Due to extra work I'm having to do right now, I've decided to repost an article I wrote on September 29, 2009.  It deals with September and close enough to be one year ago, so I hope you enjoy it. Notice the difference in the weather.  We'd just had two weeks of rain and cooler temperatures!


After two weeks of constant rain which brings us such humid weather, the sun is shining and the temperature dropped to sixty last night.  It's only getting up to seventy-nine or eighty today.  Cool and dry, no humidity!  Now if I could just think of an acceptable reason to leave work.

This is the time of year I start thinking of driving up 59 Interstate to Fort Payne and Mentone, Alabama where the Desoto State Park is located.  There's 28 miles of driving to view changing of the leaves on the vast number of trees located on the mountains.

Then across to the other side is Buck's Pocket, a place for kids to play and wonderful family reunions.  They have great playgrounds, picnic tables and camping spots.

Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons.

Pretty, but not my favorite season.


Mattenylou said...

I love the red tree near the stairs, great color! Our leaves in Western Massachusetts are just beginning to turn, too.

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♥ Teresa ♥ said...

I absolutely LOVE Fall. It was about 49 here this morning and is only supposed to be about 73 today! YAY!

Thanks so much for your prayers during my recent illness. I am still really, really weak but I'm gaining strength each and every day. I will be posting about my illness and hospital stay as soon as I'm a little stronger.

I hope the rest of your week is amazing.


Teresa <><


CK said...