Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just About Today In My Life-State/County Fairs

My great nieces Mattison, Taylor and Ellie ready to go to the Ft. Payne Fair

Cotton & Fall-the right atmosphere for a fair, so say my
great nieces and nephews Courtney, Kennedy, Ellie, Taylor and Hunter

What's your favorite memory of going to a fair?  Food!  I love the Gabassa, I'm not sure I spelled it right, Sausage placed into a hotdog bun with onions and ketchup, a large coke and maybe a Funnel cake, right tasty! Of course it will cost a fortune, but hey, maybe just one.

Then there's the exhibits!  I love to browse the 4-H stock entries, as well as the paintings, drawings, the beautiful quilts and dresses.  How about the produce and farm animals?  The jellies, jams and cakes.  The rides and just sitting on the sideline people watching.  I mean, I really love to people watch.  I see couples and families that I would never have put together.

Just thought I'd throw this one in-Tink Tink in my suitcase
so she won't be left behind on my next trip.  Actually I
didn't know she was in the bag until up popped her head!

I love to go into the funny mirror house or ride a cart with my young nephew through the supposedly scary haunted house.  And those silly poster with holes where you can put your face and have your picture taken.  I even like trying to throw darts trying to burst a balloon for a prize.  I know, I know, they're rigged and I'm wasting my money.  But it is fun!

So much for funny faces-my niece-in-law Christi and nephew Gary

Fall scene to get the feel of the crisp air and multi-colored leaves!

My grandson last Halloween

I love Autumn,. it's my favorite time of the year!


Agnes said...

Oh how fun!
I just love this part of the year, Judy!

Jules said...

Fall is a wonderful time of year, so beautiful.

I think I love the greasy unhealthy food at the fair. It gives me a belly ache but I still do it once a year.

I also love to people watch. I think it is a great sport!

Mighty M said...

How fun! My favorite fair activities are people watching and eating elephant ears! ;-)

Tooj said...

Another Fall lover! Oh no! :) I'm a summer gal myself, but your pictures do make Fall appear at least entertaining. Have a wonderful Thursday - I'm popping over from SITS roll call.