Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Nephew to Be Proud Of!



Today, I want to talk about my nephew Carl, who's in the Air Force, stationed in Iraq.  He's an air controller. I believe he's a Master Sargent.  I'm proud of him, also a little pleased that he followed me in the Air Force, I mean he could have chosen the Army, Marines or Navy.

He's always had that outgoing personality. Plus, being the oldest, he's always had that family responsibility. He's married, with two lovely children. I'm going to tell his story in pictures, I hope you enjoy!

That smile! 
The family (Recognize him by his smile?)

      No, he's not hanging them, though with the 
The brothers four all grown up, guess which ones are the
twins...hint: the two in the middle have the same birthday, two
years apart! While the one on each end, have the same day and year!

Look for his smile
Captain Americas (It was Halloween, I'm pretty sure, and he did 
this for his kids!)
Carl's kids 

Just wanted you to know, THANKS, for being in Iraq, and your
Aunt Dee loves you!


Agnes said...

Oh man, his smile IS contagious :-)

Judy Harper said...

Agnes-Isn't it though!