Monday, September 20, 2010

Dancing with the Stars!

Dancing With The Stars Charity Dancing with the Stars Paris to Design T Shirts for Charity
Season 11
Back row: David, Kurt, Kyle, Rick, Brooke, Tom (Where's Michael & Mike?)
Front row: Brandy, Jennifer, Margaret, Audrina, Florence and Bristol

To be honest, when I first heard who would be on Season 11, I thought, you're kidding! I even told MJ, who I work with, that after last season, this group is pitiful! But I was surprised. There are some good dancers in the group. I already know who my favorites are.  I wish Margaret had continued dancing the way she started.  The comedy routine detracted from her dancing so much.  She was doing a pretty good job up to that point.
Florence Henderson did a good job.  Right now, my favorites are; Audrina & Tony, Kyle & Lacey, Cheryl and Rick, Bristol and Mark (yes, she did a good job!), Florence & Corky and Jennifer & Derek (my favorite).  The order the teams are listed doesn't necessarily rank in the order I rate them. Jennifer and Derek are # 1. After that I haven't quite decided.  I wonder if they will allow Mike "The Situation", to return? His dancing was awful, his arrogance was even worse than Maks! I hate to say this, but I think David  was as bad as Michael Bolten.  

Do any of y'all watch "Dancing With the Stars"?


Mighty M said...

No but I think I am going to tape it tonight because I really want to watch Jennifer Grey!

Agnes said...

I know nothing about this show... (blush)

Judy Harper said...

M-Jennifer Grey did great. Also, there was such a moment when she thought of Patrick Swayze!

Agnes-I said I would never get involved with a reality show, but this reminds me of old movies, the ballroom dancing.

Stephen T. McCarthy said...

J!3 ~
I've never seen this show. Never seen an episode of American Idol either. But it hurts me to know that Kurt Warner is a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

Such a high-class individual as Kurt - one of the best persons to ever come out of the National Football League - stooping to do a reality show? And a reality show about... dancing? ARRGH & UGH!

I know he's hoping to draw more people to Jesus by appearing on this highly popular show; I know he's using it as a venue to spread the Gospel, but... SHEESH! Is THIS the way to do it?

OK, I'm kind of exaggerating my disgust... a little. But not a lot. I dunno, "Reality Television" and "Spreading the Gospel" - to me, these are almost mutually exclusive concepts.

"KURT, YOUR REPUTATION IS BEING TARNISHED" ...for a few of us out here, anyway. Just say, "No!" to Reality Television!

~ D-FensDogg
'Loyal American Underground'