Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Friday And Mention a Few Blogs Day!

This weeks blog site I want to mention is My Voice, My View

A picture from the blog site My Voice, My View

Under her "About Me", Kelly states that she has a husband and four children. Her posts are about the chaos revolving around her family.  She says she's having fun as she meets so many voices in the blogging world.  While it's true she posts about her family, she also writes about other subjects.  Have
 you ever heard the term "Microfiction" ? You can read about it here,  Microfiction Monday.

A recent post laughs about a situation that happened on her birthday, well, why don't I let her tell you, Can a Random Mind Be a Sign of Genius?    

If you are a beginning writer I want to point you in the direction of  The Old Silly's Free Spirit, don't let the name fool you.  Marvin D. Wilson is a published author.

His Professor Old Sillys Tutorial Tuesday's, are smart, professional and very helpful! 

I hope y'all enjoy these sights as much as I do. Until next Friday, have a blessed week.


Mighty M said...

Thanks for the links! Hope you have a great weekend!

Agnes said...

"Microfiction" sounds so good. It sounds a bit like "Microsoft" but not really :-)

CK said...

ooo thanks for the tip-offs! I LOVE that Microfiction Monday post! Hilarious! I might have to join that link-up some time. And The Old Silly's... love it! Thanks for keepin' me in the creative writer's blog loop.