Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are You A People Watcher?

Today, the sun is bright, hot and shiny. The katydids are
making their music, it's almost deafening. 

At any people event, I'm not the life of the party.  That's okay because I love to stand off to the side and watch people.  And when I travel by plane, it's interesting to sit and listen to snippets of conversation as someone walks by or maybe they're sitting next to you.  I'm trying to think of a shocking statement that taken out of context, could have a double meaning.  You know, such as catching the tailend of "I want to kill him", has so many interpretations. Did she mean that him embarrassing her made her want "to kill him", or his sloppiness make her want to, or the fact that she wants to get out of her marriage.  The sentence literally has many meanings, was it a statement we all make at times out of frustration or did she want to physically kill him? Or as I look around I see a person sitting off alone, starring at the floor, unaware of the activity going on around them, I wonder if they've had a shock or tragedy, then again it could be they partied too hard last night and is having a hard time focusing. People watching inevitably leads to making up whole stories about them.  

After the above sentence I realize this is a good spot to plug my other blog A Creative Writer In Progress .
Pictures are posted each week, where a person then picks one to create a story and we all post it at the same time for "Tuesday Morning Writing". So if you like creating a story and want practice in writing, head on over and join us.

Hope everyone has a great, enjoyable day!


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

JUDY!(3) ~
That's a REALLY NEAT photo of your cat. It's got a sort of mystery thang going on about it, and is very interesting the way the cat blends in, and then the burst of color from the flowers behind and the reflection in the window.

I'm not normally too captivated by the pictures of their pets that so many bloggers post on their blogs, but THAT one really caught my eye. Good work!

~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

Stephen Tremp said...

I'm definately a people watcher. You can get uch inspiration by watching people and what they do. How they interact with other people. Grocery stores a great place to watch people. Some can be so rude while others very friendly.

Stephen Tremp