Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sixty-A Short Elevator Pitch For My Blog

The Sits Blog has been sponsoring 31 days to a better blog.  The first step is to do a short elevator pitch of what your blog is about, in other words, put into words what is the purpose of Sixty is Just The Beginning. If you want to check out the 31 days you can go Here

When I first started blogging, it was to put into words how turning sixty changed my life, how in just one day the overwhelming thought "I'm sixty, now what?  The day before, I felt as though I had a whole lifetime ahead of me, then it seems in one day, my life fell apart.  Thoughts of all that I haven't accomplished came to mind, then I started subtracting 60 from 75, or 80, even 90. Suddenly, I didn't have a lifetime, but 15 years or 20 years, at the most 30. Talk about falling into the emotional dumps!

So I think my short elevator pitch is "trying to pull together turning sixty, how I made the journey and now that I've arrived, what can I do and how far can I go".

At one point I made a schedule as to what I wanted to blog about on each day:
     Sunday-Let's Travel To (one of my favorite days)
     Monday-Any Old Subject
     Tuesday-Old Pictures
     Wednesday-Wordless Wednesday
     Friday-Promote a favorite or new blog I've found
     Saturday-Family History

I have four blogs that I post on, Sixty Is Just The Beginning, A Creative Writer In Progress, Judy's Not World Shattering Thoughts (which I've turned into the complete Harper line) and Arville Harper's Family Line (this starts with my granddad, then his children and grandchildren. I think Sixty has been the hardest to define.

So, I guess I'll see how this goes.  At least writing down the short elevator pitch has helped me to visualize what I want this blog to say. I know I'm going to redefine the days.
     Monday-My Air Force Journey
     Tuesday-Any Old Subject
     Friday-Promote A Blog

I'll have to ponder on what to post about for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  One blog that has mastered the "what to post on certain days" and really does a great job is Arlee over at Tossing It Out
Another blog I like to read, simply because she makes her every day life so interesting, she's originally from Ireland, but married a man from India, and a lot of her posts are about blending the two worlds, you can see some of gaelikaa's posts at Gaelikaa's Diary. Another blog that has mastered her posting days is Journaling Woman, Here . Her post today is titled "Inside The Sandwich", have you ever been in a room full of people, sitting there, watching them, and see their smile slip away? Do you ever wonder why?

Two other blogs that I think has mastered what to write on particular days is Stephen Tremp over at Breakthrough Blog, though my favorite posts of his are about wormholes and the Theories he has. I have to say when I want down home posting I go to Lou's for On Larch Lane, this link takes you to one of my favorite posts, "Porch Memories".

Another blog I like to read is unusual and controversial, to say the least, I'm never sure if he's serious about what he writes, I mean is he writing about a subject because that's what he believes or is he doing it to get people to think; because a lot of times I sit there and wonder, "no way".  It's like Lee says from "Tossing It Out",  Stephen T. McCarthy's Stuffs and Ferret-Faced Facist Friends  -- Sorry, Stephen, I'm not really giving you any award, this is just a way for me to plug your excellent blog.  If any readers have never yet checked out these blogs then you should do so ASAP because they are worthwhile. You might be entertained at times, but more importantly you might receive some important education. 

It's time to put this post to bed! 


Stephen T. McCarthy said...

[You know that's my Cary Grant impersonation, don't ya?]

I just came here to tell you how much I enjoyed discussing the anti-Feminism bit with ya over at F-FFF, only to find that you've mentioned my blog(s). THANKS!

But, hey, it's so unusual for me to be able to have an ongoing discussion about something in the comment section of one of my blog bits that I felt I should come over here and thank you for it.

Usually, a person just leaves some short (and often pointless) comment and then they're gone again. I loved the fact that we got to have a REAL discussion! That is so rare, and, really, I think what I miss most about my blogging days at, when short, pointless comments were the exception and extended dialogues were the rule.

Anyway, we may not have agreed 100% but at least we were essentially on the same page and fighting for the same team. We both believe in what God's Bible says and see how Feminism contradicts it. I appreciated your input. THANKS AGAIN!

I myself am not a fan of the "Blog Every Day" concept to begin with, let alone blogging every day AND setting out in advance what the topic will be. Yeah, I know that's Lee's approach, and of course everyone is free to blog their own way, but I'm just not a fan of that idea.

I think I'm too free-spirited to accept that much structure. Being as politically conservative as I am, and living according to such a (boring) routine as I do, one might expect me to believe in blogging-by-the-numbers, but when it comes to creative things (e.g., writing), I swing the other way.

I think that if I felt I ought to blog every day, and I had a road map laid out in advance dictating WHAT I should blog about, it would quickly seem just like a dull job to me (and a dull job I wasn't getting paid any money to endure).

I guess my appreciation of improvisation and spontaneity is reflected in the fact that Jazz is my favorite musical form.

Well, thanks for the engaging discussion - I enjoyed it. It was a breath of fresh air. Hopefully my future blog bits will also inspire you to put in your two cents worth! (And by the way, when I dipped into my bag of "sarcasm" at the end of my last post, I hope you know that it was done in a sense of joshing and silliness and nothing personal was meant by it.)

Yak Later, Judy!(3)
~ "Lonesome Dogg" McMe

arlee bird said...

Thank you for the unsolicited plug for my blog, and on behalf of Stephen McCarthy, his too. Setting up a schedule is something that I have found makes it easier to come up with idea. My days are general enough where I can virtually come up with any topic to fit the general theme of the day.
After my year anniversary at the end of September I will probably reduce the number of days that I post. Then I will have to decide what my new scedule will be.

And what'd you have to go and remind me about 60 for? My 60th will be coming in January. Where does the time go?


Tossing It Out

gaelikaa said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, Judy. I surely feel the same about your blogs. xxx

Judy Harper said...

Stephen-Your F-FFF was a good post. I'm like you, having a real discussion about a post is exciting. And you're right, we were essentially on the same page and fighting for the same team. I meant to come back and post that. Men and women will have to work together to bring back the family, to help with the children of the future. That is the most important goal ahead. Again, I want to stress how I'm glad I found the F-FFF sight. Hopefully there will be more discussions in the future!

Lee-You're welcome. Hey, I'm told turning 60 isn't so bad, that's what I'm told. lol