Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winding Down Saturday!

Today was so beautiful! Sun shining, no wind, it felt like Spring.  Unfortunately, I had to work, just like the last two weekends.  Thankfully, the "audit" preparation is winding down.  I had the CPA in this past Thursday, and was greatly relieved everything went well.  This was the first audit since we started our new branch. Doing the accounting was a bit different as it really isn't a branch, but a separate entity where the company I work for is the largest partner.  Monday should be the last day I meet with him and then I will be in 2010!

I hope to get back on track with my blogging.  Tomorrow for the Sunday Travel I've decided to take y'all to Sand Mountain, Alabama!  I know, y'all have seen 2000 year old building and far away places, but I think you will like where I grew up and still love to visit.  It's where most of my family still live.  So y'all have a good night and I'll talk with you tomorrow.


arlee bird said...

It rained most of the day here in So Cal. Love Alabama so look forward to the Sand Mtn post.

I left an award to acknowledge your consistent work on your blogs.
It's on my post for today (Saturday 2/27)

Agnes said...

You're back :-)
Welcome back Judy.